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Sizzling Summer Promo- Psychic Reading & Spiritual Gift Package

Uncover many of your questions by obtaining a personal and confidential psychic reading with Psychic Lady Yoly

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This promo will expire on Tuesday, 7/15/2014 midnight

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hugging is becoming instinct!!!!

Benefits of Hugging
Studies have shown that human contact has many health benefits. It's been found that human contact, such as a hug, is essential for healthy social, psychological and physical development. Hugging can also help build a good immune system, decrease the risk of heart disease, and decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol in women. It's been shown that a couple who hugs for 20 seconds has higher levels of oxytocin, and that those who were in a loving relationship exhibited a highest increase. According to the American Psychosomatic Society, a hug or 10 minutes of holding hands with a romantic partner can help reduce stress, and its harmful physical effects. In a study, adults who had no contact with people had higher blood pressure and heart rate. Other studies have indicated that the touch of a friend might not be as helpful as the touch of a partner. Therefore, I would like to send you a virtual bear hug! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

Yours truly,

Psychic Lady Yoly

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Love/Lust Magnet Spell By Lady Yoly

Message from Psychic Advisor Yoly
This promo is only available until February 18th  2014. 

Just in time for Valentines! Don't be caught alone on Valentine's Day!! 

Take advantage of this special low rate.

I will only be promoting my Love/Lust Magnet Spell for a limited time!

The Full Moon plays a very big roll in spell castings it brings upon the power of the earth, moon and waters to create the ultimate love spell effect. Therefore, it would be best to purchase this spell before Friday, January 17th, 2014 or before Tuesday, February 18th, 2014. 
( Both Full Moon Days for Jan & Feb)

Full Moon love spells are effective and fast. My love/lust magnet spell has been secretively passed down through many generations. Yet, I have decided that its time to share this effective love spell with anyone who feels they need some extra love-n! :)

What does a love/ lust magnet spell do?

My Love/ Lust Magnet Spell is designed to help magnify your erotic energy and appeal. You will see that people will likely want to engage in passionate interludes with you. Plus, this spell not only helps with finding love but it makes you feel a lot more attractive. Therefore, you will find that people see you differently and are eager to be around you. People will want to socialize with you all the time. In other words, you will turn into a flirt! At least in their eyes! ~ LOL! funny as that may sound its true. Keep in mind that while conducting the cleansing you will be showering yourself with positive energy. Positive energy can make profound headway on your pathway with personal and spiritual transformation and create greater personal satisfaction and expansive shifts in consciousness. The cleansing provides you with a spiritual awakening. Its intent is to help you remember yourself as a spiritual being even if you are encountering physical, mental, emotional or spiritual challenges.

While the spell is taking place what will I need to do?

While you are in the cleansing stage you must practice one very important role, no matter how bad, or how good things are going for you must not share it with anyone, not even your closes friends. Try to keep things to yourself at least until your 100% positive that what you have been wanting is met.

All this might not make a lot of sense but it deals a lot with how you carry yourself and how your aura reflects, or absorbs negative and positive. Some people tend to cramp your style. If you know what I mean. I can better explain once the services are requested.

How much will the spell cost?

The fee will be $40.00 (Promo Rate)  for the love/lust magnet spell cast. 

**I conduct all of the spell castings on my end and then provide you with some tools,- for example: amulet, ,bracelet, potions, etc. depending on your specific circumstance. The shipping and handling will be included in this fee. Items are mailed via regular mail.

How can I purchase the love/lust magnet spell?

I receive payments through Pay Pal. As you know Pay Pal is the easiest and secure way to send or receive money. Click on the button below to make your payment.

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Here are some FULL MOON FACTS:

The moon has long been regarded as a mark of femininity. In past times the moon was revered and is considered by many as an influential source of energy. Many individuals are also of the belief that there is a connection between the moon and the unconscious mind as well as humanitys femininity. The holiness of the moon is also believed to be linked with most elements in a lifes cycle. Besides being associated to the growth and re-growth of crops according to their timely seasons, the moons varying phases is also seen to play an important part in a females menstruation cycle and thus, indirectly have power over fertility. Since the beginning of time, the moon calendar holds a vital role in peoples lives especially as varying festivals are celebrated in its different phases. The full moon is born within 14 to 15 days after a new moon is conceived. Like its name implies the full name looks like a fully rounded disc. The moon's brightest side faces our planet. Sunlight shines from the sun and is reflected upon the full moon optimally. This period marks the beginning of harvest aplenty, growth and wholeness — productive and abundant with the complete force of feminine elements and inexplicable secrets. It can be likened to Summer time as well as the Mother form of the Goddess which bears new life. Babies born whenever a full moon occurs are said to live an extended and fruitful life. This is due to the full force of the moon's brimming over with magical elements.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Winter Solstice 2013- Psychic Lady Yoly


As this year comes to a close and the next one 
begins, it's time to reflect upon all your joys and 
achievements -- as well as any obstacles you've 
overcome -- over the last 12 months. The Sun's annual entrance into Capricorn marks the Winter Solstice, one of the most magical times of the year. As you focus on goals and spend quality time with family and friends, don't put off spending time quietly by yourself as well. Use this powerful transit to count your many blessings as you prepare for a successful year ahead!

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Psychic Lady Yoly got you covered this Holiday!

     I won't tell anyone you've been naughty

Hi all, Santa came into town and provided me with his naughty list and your name was on it. LOL! Therefore, since you will not be getting anything from Santa this year why not take advantage of my low rate! For a limited time I will be offering Psychic Email Readings for half the price. :) You can obtain an email reading for just $10.00 
Read some of the most frequently asked questions down below. 

This offer expires midnight 12/30/2013
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What You Can Learn From Your Email Reading:

Lady Yoly's email readings can help you make positive decisions to shape your life. Looking beyond the material plane, Lady Yoly looks deeply into your life stream energies to detect trends developing in your life. To do this, she uses her tarot cards and calls upon her guides and yours, who show her the answers to your questions with TV-like transmissions, with lively images and sounds. Then she reports to you what she sees and hears in your psychic reading, in ways that help you better understand the energies at work in your life, and enhance your ability to take informed, timely action. A Lady Yoly email reading helps you understand the impact your decisions have on your future and know what's really happening in your life. At times when you experience upheaval or face major choices, an email reading from Lady Yoly can help you see the larger picture and find the best options. I appreciate you choosing me as your psychic advisor. :)

Email Reading Instructions: Once the client obtains an email reading the client is advised to provide questions and concerns they would like to receive information on. Once the email is received the psychic will then reply with a complete reading containing all the information she was able to access. After she sends that first reply, the client can reply one last time with any questions or concerns yet the psychic will only reply on more last time. That last reply will be the end of the reading.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Psychic Lady Yoly ~ Consejera Psiquica Lady Yoly



Hi my name is Yoly, and I am a clairvoyant, psychic I have more than 15 years experience. At the age of 5 my grandmother bought me my first deck of tarot cards. She believed I was the most gifted psychic in our family. I became aware of my psychic abilities at a very early age when I discovered that I could feel the emotions, and sometimes even hear the thoughts, of people around me. This discovery eventually led me to research and explore many aspects of spiritual and psychic phenomenon. As I grew in understanding, my gifts also altered and expanded to encompass my new knowledge. I was reading the energy fields (thoughts, emotions, and past experiences) of people around me when I was 10 years old. By the time I was 14, I began to realize that my abilities did not just apply to the living and I began working with spirits. This experience opened up a new ability for me, the ability to communicate with the dead in order to affect the present and future. During this time I also started seeing visions of events unfold. Sometimes these events would happen immediately but sometimes it would be months or even years before these events came to pass. Working with the Tarot gave a great deal of specificity to the images I was seeing and added new dimensions to my understanding of the psychic process. Since then, my abilities have been tempered and refined by a wide array of life experiences and metaphysical growth. Today I continue my journey of spiritual exploration and development in an effort, not only to foster my personal growth, but also to guide those who seek my assistance in any way I am able, mostly through psychic counseling. I can help, with any thing that is currently on your mind, and I can help you reach your goals by advising you how to clean your aura with basic things you find at home. (love baths, wealth baths, health baths, etc... All I would need from you would be your complete name, and DOB. I would love to help and be your psychic advisor. 


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Hola mi nombre es Yoly, soy una psiquica con más de 15 años de experiencia. A los 5 años mi abuela me compró mi primer groupo de tarjetas de tarot. Mi abuela era muy creyente de que yo era una de la más talentosa psiquica en nuestra familia. Practique mis capacidades psíquicas en una edad muy temprana cuando descubrí que podia sentir las emociones, y a la ves oir los pensamientos, de personas alrededor de mí. Este descubrimiento finalmente me dirigió a investigar y explorar muchos aspectos de la espiritualidad y el fenómeno psíquico. Esto me ayudo a creser muchisimo en la comprensión. Esto también me ayudo expandir y abarcar nuevos conocimientos. Por ejemplo a los 10 años podia leer los campos de energía (los pensamientos, las emociones, y las experiencias) de personas alrededor de mi. A los 14 años, comencé a darme cuenta de que mis capacidades no aplicaban sólo con la vida si no tambien empecé a trabajar con los espíritus. Estas experiencias abrieron una nueva etapa para mí, la capacidad de comunicarme con los espiritus que afectaban el presente y el futuro. Alrededor de este tiempo también comencé viendo visiones de acontecimiento. A veces estos acontecimientos sucedian inmediatamente o habeses a los pocos meses. Trabajar con el Tarot me ayudaba a especificar las imágenes y me ayudaba a ver nuevas dimensiones para poder comprender. Desde entonces, mis capacidades han sido refinadas por una serie de experiencias de vida y crecimiento metafísico. Hoy continúo mi viaje de exploración y desarrollo espiritual en un esfuerzo, no sólo de fomentar mi crecimiento personal, pero también indicar ayuda a los que la necesitan. Me encanta ayudar y a recomendar consejos positivos a serca de como seguir el paso correcto. Puedo ayudar, con cualquier cosa que este actualmente en su mente, y yo podre ayudar a alcanzar sus objetivos aconsejandole cómo limpiar su aura con cosas básicas que puede obtener en su casa. (Baños de amor, baños de riqueza, baños de salud, etc.. Solo necesito su nombre completo, y fecha de nacimiento. Me encantaria ayudarte y a la ves ser tu consejera psíquica. 

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Sizzling "7" Summer Promo- Psychic Readings for $7.00